Thank you for considering Dr. Cozette M. White for your next event. We know your time is valuable. To help you out, we’ve provided most of the details here that other satisfied coordinators we work with have found to be extremely helpful and time-saving in their event planning efforts.

We want to make your job as easy as possible!

​Information on Booking Dr. Cozette

​Do you want to entertain, empower, educate and inspire your participants?

​Are you seeking to propel your audience to the next level in their finances or entrepreneurial endeavors?

​Will your audience benefit from someone that’s knowledgeable, but also down-to-earth, practical, and relatable?

​Have you hired a financial expert speaker in the past, but found their delivery was a bit head heavy?

​Is your program geared toward women or young people?

​If you answered YES to one or more of the questions than Dr. Cozette M. White is the speaker you’ve been searching for!

​Still not sure?  Here are 10 reasons why you should book Dr. Cozette TODAY!

1.    You want someone who can entertain, empower, educate and inspire.
2.    You want someone who is not just passionate about the performance, but compassionate toward the people.
3.    You want someone who will speak to your audience and engage, not talk at them.
4.    You want someone who will give practical tips that participants can incorporate immediately.
5.    You want someone who will continue to care and connect well after the fanfare.
6.    You want actionable content delivered to your audience.
7.    You want a high impact and relevant keynote speech tailored around the theme of your event.
8.    You need to ensure the audience, as well as the organizers, will get the maximum ROI.
9.    You are looking for a speaker with a proven track record to engage your audience, transform their mindsets.
10.    You want your audience to credit you for creating the environment and opportunity for their breakthrough!